Welcome to our new website

We are really pleased to announce the launch of MailGlo.

Say hello to an easier way to send high-impact email that really delivers. Email is great. Business and organisations over the world send billions everyday. Email has become for us a key method to communicate to clients and our customers alike. But sometimes, traditional email just won’t do.

MaliGlo aims to give your email communication a better punch, your email marketing a brighter presence.

Saving you time and money, MailGlo takes the pain away from sending professional, branded invitations, promotions and more. With automated RSVP tracking and subscriber management you can view your customers’ responses in real time and track who’s coming to your events with ease. As your data is stored securely online – you can access it from anywhere, at any time.

Having experienced first-hand the pain of quickly sending great looking email we have designed MailGlo from the ground up to solve that pain. We have created, what we hope, is a nimble and focused solution, avoiding the fuss of larger and more complicated email sending systems.

Please give it a try, the first few you send are always on us.

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