We are updating the way we send your email

Getting your email delivered is a priority for us at MailGlo. To do this effectively we are making some updates to how we send email on your behalf.

Don’t worry there is nothing you have to do to continue to send great looking email campaigns.

What is the change?
As from now we will send your email from a safe and verified MailGlo email address: send@mailglo.com. We prefix your own email to this email address. For example: john.yahoo.send@mailglo.com. This email address is, more often than not, hidden from the recipient of your email. Your First and Last name will be visible as well as your own email in the ‘Reply-to’ field.

What email details will appear in the email I send with MailGlo?
The exact appearance does vary slightly between different email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Generally they follow a similar structure which is:

From: Name of Sender
To: Name of Recipient <recipientname@domain.com>
Reply to: sendername@domain.com
Subject: The subject line of your email

Note: as you can see above, your own email address will still appear, unchanged, in the ‘Reply to:’ line.

Why the change?
Increasingly the big email providers, in particular Yahoo and AOL, have changed their DMARC policy in the fight against spam. They started to bounce emails that were ‘from’ their own public domain but not sent by their own email servers. This has, of course, affected the whole email industry, and you will find similar policy change in place and happening across all the major Email Service Providers (ESPs).

What about using my own cusotm domain?
You can create an account with MailGlo with your own domain. A custom domain is one you or your company register (in contrast to a personal email address you might register with Gmail or Yahoo). You can purchase and register your own domain inexpensively for a few pounds a year, have a look at godaddy or 123reg for example. We do not offer a domain registration service.

What about SPF and DKIM records in my DNS settings?
We highly recommend that you add either an SPF or DKIM txt record to your DNS zone file. This can be done by logging into the account with whoever you have registered your domain with and adding in some unique records to your DNS settings. You will need to copy and paste MailGlo’s own records over.

What is the benefit of adding MailGlo’s SPF or DKIM records to my DNS settings?
Adding these records means we can verify you are the true owner of that domain you wish to send emails from. Not only can we trust you are the proper owner of the domain but also all the other email providers can also trust you are. This will dramatically improve the acceptance of your email as valid and not spam. If you do verify your domain with these records we will automatically detect the records in place. We will then deliver your email from your own email address and not from our own send@mailglo.com email addresss.

We have details on how to add SPF records on our support pages.

We continue to adjust our mechanisms to follow industry best-of-practice in our fight again spam.

Happy sending!
Mark Irving
Founder & CEO

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