Use MailGlo to promote your next event

If you are planning an event this year, you’ll want to email your customers and friends about it.

Automated RSVP management

We know that managing an RSVP list can be a hassle – that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! Choose a design with the  RSVP option and send it. When your email recipient receives their invite, they can select whether to attend, not attend or select ‘Maybe’. This information is automatically collated in your free MailGlo account.

See hundreds of ready to use email designs here

Better still, every person emailed your invite can choose to change their response from the email you’ve sent them or by viewing your unique email landing page or ‘glo page’ as we call them.

Your glo page will contain everything from your email, including your logo, images, links, event time, date, address and a Google map to help people find the event. There’s an ‘add event to calendar’ button, where your invitees can add the event to their calendar. You can always link to your glo page in your other promotional marketing. Add the link to your Facebook page, for example, to direct people to further information. See this example glo page.

You can download all the details of who is attending in a universal spreadsheet format.

Do you want to sell tickets to an event? You can create a link from an image or text  inside your email to your ticket purchase page.

Get social

Don’t forget to add links to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages in your email and glo page.

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Happy sending!
Mark Irving
Founder and CEO

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