Need help with MailGlo? We’ll set up your first campaign for you!

We know you don’t have much time. Running a business or even running your own personal life can be stressful.

But still, you know you need to send better-looking email communication. For example, you might be organising an event, exhibition, product launch, or you might simply want to invite people to visit your lovely new website. MailGlo was made for you. We’ve made sending brighter email a breeze, there are a few simple steps:

1. Choose email design

Pick from hundreds of email designs. They will look good across desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Customise live

2. Customise live

Pick a colour scheme. Add your message and your logo. If you like, upload your own image.

 Send email

3. Nice? Send it

Add in the people you want to send it to, pay and send. Easy.

 View reports and responses

4. View reports

See who has responded to your email. Edit and resend it or download all RSVP details.

If you’d like us to set up your first email to get you started. Just let us know:

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Happy sending

Mark Irving
Founder & CEO

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