Free email marketing buttons, icons and badges for you to use in your next email campaign

We have created almost a 100 great looking buttons, banners, social icons and other assets for you to use freely in your next email.

To browse through them click here for free email marketing assets.

Each asset comes in four colours to compliment our email design colour schemes. Choose the asset you’d like and download it to your desktop, you can then add it in and resize it when editing your MailGlo email design. You can also find all the assets when editing your email – look in the ‘Buttons & icons’ folder when adding in an image. Once added you can resize the image and insert a link from the image to a page on your website or elsewhere.

How do I add an image to my email design using MailGlo?

Step 1. Choose a design you like by clicking on any email thumbnail image. This will be the basic layout of your email.

Step 2. Add an image in four areas of the email, decide where you want to insert the image:

  1. Main image: Change the main image with one of ours or one of your own you can upload. Click ‘Change main image ›’
  2. Greeting text area: Add an image in the area where you type your welcome greeting. First click inside the Greeting text field on the left column to activate it. Then click on the ‘pencil’ icon directly above the text field. This will drop down a second row of options. Click on the image icon on the second row.
  3. Info text area: The main area of the email to add your text and images. Follow the same steps for the Greeting text area above.
  4. Logo: This is where you’d add your own logo (or you can remove it by ticking the box ‘remove logo’). Click button ‘Upload logo ›’. Then browse your computer to find your logo or another image you’d like to use in place.

Step 3. From the box that drops down choose the folder ‘Buttons & icons’. Click one of the thumbnails to select it – a green tick should appear in the corner. Click ‘Choose image’ button to add it to the email preview.

Once the image is added you can drag the corners of the image to rezise it. You can add a link to anywhere on the web. First click on the image you’ve inserted in the left column to select it. In the editing bar that appears, click the icon of a chain. A box will appear in the centre of the screen. Paste or type in the correct URL web page address and hit ‘Okay’. A link from the image to the webpage has been created. You can test this link by clicking on the image in the email preview.

We hope you’ll find them useful in promoting your next service, product or event with MailGlo – brighter email.

Did you know? You can link an image from your email to any file that is publically accessible on the web, for instance a PDF or Word document that is on your website. Just follow the steps above and copy and paste the full URL path in. Don’t forget to check the link works by clicking on the image in the email preview.

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